10 Lessons learned over the last 20 years of working in UX Design

I was first introduced to User Experience design back in the year 2000, although it was referred to as Information Architecture back then. I was working as a senior web designer in a dotcom start-up in Sydney. What a crazy time that was! Start-ups everywhere. New millionaires being made each week (unfortunately I was not one of them!). Incredible hype about the world wide web and what was to come. Lots of lunches and after work parties. And “Information Architecture” was the new process that focused on placing the user at the centre of design…

Balancing the Grind with Carrie Webster, UX Lead at 3P Learning

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Balance the Grind features conversations on work-life balance from a wide range of  working professionals, and how they manage the daily grind in their own way. Here is the outcomes of my interview…

Information And Information Architecture: The BIG Picture

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Information architecture is the process of categorizing and organizing information to create structure and meaning. To give this context, this article explores not only the basics of information architecture, but also the broader view of the information age, how we use information and how it impacts our world and our lives.

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