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Consulting Services

If you need help with designing a new or existing online product or services website or software application, let’s talk to see how I may be able to support you. As each UX design project is unique, the services starts with a free over the phone consultation to first understand your objectives and outcomes, and where the most effective use of UX methodologies would work. Some of the elements of UX consultation services may include some of the following:

  • General research on competitors
  • User research
  • Defining your target audience with personas
  • Customer journey maps
  • Lo-fi wireframes
  • Usability testing and
  • Hi-fi wireframes

The consulting work focuses specifically on the outcomes you wish to achieve, and helping define the quickest way to get there. Currently I am only available for remote consulting services.

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Are you struggling to convert your website visitors?

A analysis of your digital presence can identify challenges your customers face. This service is based on firstly understanding your target audience, and then reviewing your product from the user’s perspectiveThe outcomes will provide you with a list of action points on how to improve your customer engagement.

Coaching & SUPPORT

Do you need some extra coaching to push your UX skills to the next level? Or do you need some specific help or advice for a project your business or team is working on?

One-on-one coaching via video is an efficient way to get a leg up for your current role or help you land your next UX role.

The initial discussion will be to determine specifically what you need help with, and whether that is for one hour once off, or one hour a week for 10 weeks, this can be accommodated.


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