Featured UX Case studies


Designing a UI framework for a fraud monitoring platform

This specific project describes the process of delivering a flexible design framework for a fraud monitoring platform, aimed mostly at financial institutions with complex and varied requirements.

Focus: Team collaboration and design thinking processes used to solve a complex design challenge.

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Property Inspection App

An app designed to help home buyers capture and compare property details on the go.

Focus: To validate designs by means of user testing with a prototype.

Student Management Console

3p learning



Redesigning a disjointed and complex user experience for teachers to provide an efficient and seamless outcome for managing students online.

Focus: A lean and collaborative approach to capture feedback and measure outcomes after delivery.

Enterprise Search Solution




Proposed design for a tool to search across multiple sources in an organisation, combining cloud based platforms and local server databases.

Focus: Creating a robust information design framework.

Home Buyers Journey



This project explores a well defined hypothesis for engaging first home buyers in a saturated market place, how we tested this, and final outcomes.

Focus: Addressing key challenges for users by validating innovative approaches to drive engagement.

Kids Art Online


kids art online

Kids Art Online was the development of a business idea, to gain investor funding. This was a personal project. 

Focus: Exploring and validating a unique business model.

kids art online

Augmented Reality

Designing an augmented reality app for shopping mall retailers to engage their customers through gamification on a mobile app.

Focus: Research, design thinking and design exploration.

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Invoice Financing Software

Redesigning an engaging proposition for businesses in providing an invoice financing offering.

Focus: Removing barriers for users and creating a conversational interface to drive engagement.

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