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Ecommerce website design

This was a project I worked on in conjunction with a not-for-profit environmental agency with a view to raise funding for the organisation.

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Property Inspection App

This app was designed to help home buyers to capture and compare property details while on the go. The focus here demonstrates design validation by means of user testing sessions with a prototype. 

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Augmented Reality

Designing an augmented reality app for shopping mall retailers to engage their customers through gamification on a mobile app.

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Student Management Console

Redesigning a disjointed and complex user experience for teachers to provide an efficient and seamless outcome for managing students online.

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Home Buyers Journey

How can we engage first home buyers in a saturated marketplace? This project looks at a well defined hypothesis, how we tested this, and the final outcomes. 

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Enterprise Search Solution

Proposed design for a tool to search across multiple sources in an organisation, combining cloud based platforms and local server databases.

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Invoice Financing Software

Creating an engaging proposition for businesses to want to use our invoice financing offering.

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Kids Art Online Website

Kids Art Online was a proposed business model to gain funding to complete the project. 

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