Kids Art Online website

Design Challenge
Kids Art Online was a proposed business model to gain funding to complete the project. It centres around services provided to Australian schools, teachers, students and parents, targeting art education in communities. The online store would be the key revenue stream, facilitating the purchase of merchandise containing children’s art.


Concept initiator &
Lead Designer


Proposal for funding & UI design


kids art online

My UX Design Approach

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Desktop Research

  • Target Audience segments

  • Sitemap

  • Business Proposal

  • Wireframes

  • Design Iterations

  • UI Design

Target audience segments

Research revealed the number of potential customers within Australia, which helped to validate interest in investing in the project concept.



The proposed sitemap captures the key components for teachers, schools and parents.


Entity relationship diagrams

I created entity relationship diagrams to help describe the proposed functionality requirements for the investors.

Entity relationship diagram

Business Proposal presentation

These pages display two pages from the business proposal aimed at investors.  The revenue model is explained in detail, as well as the third party vendors for manufacturing and distributing the art products on demand.

Home page

Kids Art Online project

After conceiving the initial idea, I spent months researching, designing, and developing the website concepts and business proposal.

This is the proposed visual treatment for the home page.

This page tells the story of the steps required to create an account so you can upload images of your child’s artwork.

There is a section for schools as well, where the teacher can create a free account and galleries for adding images created by their students.

Teacher view

Teacher view

Mobile experience

The design is optimised for mobile viewing, providing the same functionality in a simplified interface.

Mobile experience

Project Outcomes

While the project proposal received interest from investors, it is currently on the back burner due to time constraints.