Enterprise Search Solution

Design Challenge
SNAPsearch is my proposed design concept for an enterprise search tool that searches across multiple sources in an organisation combining cloud based platforms and local server databases to  easily locate related documents, conversations, information, calendar events and even people that match specific search criteria.


Idea Initiator & Lead Designer


Research and design proposal


Consulting project


Enterprise search concept 

This concept originated during a moment of sheer frustration while trying to find a written conversation trail, but not remembering which information channel it came through.

In large organisations, trying to locate specific information across multiple platforms can be frustrating.  For example, you remember having a written conversation with a colleague about the solution to a particular issue, but you can’t recall if it was email, Slack, Skype or messenger.

Another scenario could be trying to locate related documents to a specific project when the coordinator is on leave or an employee has left.

The design solution

My design outcomes were based on a month of researching, defining & designing a design concept. This flow describes the high-level architecture and examples of the kind of external and internal systems that would need integration.


Employee access via a mobile app


Final design

Dashboard design