Student Management Console

Design Challenge
This project was initiated to address the issue of school teachers still using an old Flash version of the Mathletics product, when there is a newer version available. However, the newer design is unintuitive and inefficient for the teachers. This component of the redesign focuses on the Student Management Console.


Lead Designer


End-to-end design process


3p learning


Legacy interfaces – Flash & HTML

Flash and HTML

Understanding the key issues to address for teachers

  • We already had lots of quantitative and qualitative feedback from teachers identifying the many issues faced. 
  • To validate our assumptions, we started the research phase by  interviewing around 10 teachers over the phone to identify and validate the key reasons they were struggling with the “new” interface.
  • Based on the teacher interviews feedback, we felt confident to move into our design phase, also knowing that there were technical limitations and time constraints. We still needed to deliver a strong design solution for teachers to solve their key issues.

Prototype testing

Next I created an interactive design prototype, combining all the 4 separate function areas into the one screen.

It was posted online to gather feedback from all of 3P Learning. The purple dots indicate the feedback.

Design iterations

Based on the feedback, the designs were iterated to capture the useful suggestions and recommendations that were provided during the prototype testing.

Design outcome

Detailed designs were created, and the visual design for the interface was completed, as shown here.

Post launch testing

After the new service went live, we used a heat-mapping tool that also allowed us to capture video sessions of users online. We were able to identify issues and address them almost immediately to continue to improve the user experience.